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EDINBURGH 'Border Roofing' MONARCHS...59

1. Sam Masters (c) 3,3,3,3 = 12
2. Ryan Fisher 1,FX,3,2┬╣ = 6+1
3. Erik Riss 1┬╣,2,3,3 = 9+1
4. Mark Riss 2,1┬╣,2┬╣,3,0 = 8+2
5. Kevin Wolbert 3,3,3,1,3 = 13
6. Max Clegg 3,1,2┬╣,1,2┬╣ = 9+2
7. Ryan Blacklock (G) FX,1,1 = 2


1. Craig Cook 2,3,4,2,2 = 13
2. Richard Hall R/R (SR-0, DW-0, JE-1, DW-0 = 1+0)
3. Ulrich Ostergaard 0,2,1,2,1┬╣ = 6+1
4. Jye Etheridge (G) 3,FX,1,0,1 = 5
5. Matthew Wethers (G) 2,2,1,0 = 5
6. Shelby Rutherford (G) 0,1┬╣,1┬╣,0,0 = 2+2
7. David Wallinger (G) 2,0,0,0,0,0 = 2

Gate Wins: A:3 B:3 C:4 D:5

Trackside Updater: Seve Twin & Soap

Chatzone Updater: Dekk

Referee: Dave Dowling

Start Time: 7.30pm

Weather: Cold

Track: Cold

Gates: Boro take heat 1/3 in Ht1

Monarch of the Match: Kevin/Sam
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Heat 01
Masters, Fisher, Cook, RUTHERFORD R/R

Result: Masters, Cook, Fisher, Rutherford (55.2) 4-2 (4-2)

Rutherford in R/R
Monarchs gate on a 5-1 but Cookie rounds Fisher on bend 3 and chase Sam. Gets close but cant reach Sam. His engine seems suited for Knockhill. Rutherford tried his engine out and discovered it came from Legoland.
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Heat 02
Clegg, Blacklock, Rutherford, Wallinger

Result: Clegg, Wallinger, Rutherford, Blacklock (56) 3-3 (7-5)

Blacklock spins bend 2 and is excluded - his bike launches taking out Wallinger like a Syrian peace convoy.

Max the horsefly far too good for these guys. However we had a strictly come dancing moment from Rutherford on bend 2. It looked like the American Unsmooth.
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Heat 03
E Riss, M Riss, Ostergaard, Etheridge

Result: Etheridge, M.Riss, E.Riss, Ostergaard (58.9) 3-3 (10-8)

Etheridge astonishingly from the gate. Sparky and Egon are riding with brakes. One moment of interest . Egon passed the Oystercatcher bend 4 lap 1 as ulrich wrestled his bike out of control.
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Heat 04
W├Âlbert, Blacklock, Wethers, Wallinger

Result: W├Âlbert, Wethers,Blacklock, Wallinger [56.3] 4-2, 14-10

Kevin away and gone, Wethes nearly lost it on bend 2 but was in splendid isolation. Wallinger was that slowly away the tapes nearly hit him on the way back down otherwise he might have had 3rd.
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Heat 05
E Riss, M Riss, Cook, WALLINGER R/R

Result: Cook, E.Riss, M.Riss, Wallinger (54.6) 3-3 (17-13)

Wallinger is R/R.

Fastest time of the season, Cookie masterclass, Egon was adistand 2nd but plugged away. Bollinger was a little flat no bubbles or lock ups.
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Heat 06
Masters, Fisher, Wethers, Rutherford

Result: Masters,Wethers,Rutherford,Fisher FX (55.6) 3-3, 20-16

To be re-run, Ryan led off with Wethers in 2nd until bend 4 lap 1. Ryan spun it bend 1 and Sam slid into him having no chance to avoid and Wethers laid the bike down behind them.[Fisher will be as popular as Joey Barton at Rangers.

2nd attempt as expected - Sams win was as clean as a Brad Pitt pre-nup
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Heat 07
W├Âlbert, Clegg, Ostergaard, Etheridge

Result: Wolbert, Ostergaard, Clegg, Etheridge (F/x) (56.5) 4-2 (24-18)

Etheridge from the gate and led into bend 2 then reality kicked in and he hit the fence, This meeting is as predictable as a Jeremy Kyle polygraph test.

FTG- Kevin from the inside and clear. The Horsefly tried to catch the Oystercatcher but couldn't open the shell and at stayed 3rd for 4 laps. For all the Glasgow updates - this was the best race I've ever seen.

During the interval the proceeds from the bridge walk were handed over - Over £8,000 raised - Outstanding by everyone,
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Heat 08
Fisher, CLEGG RES, ETHERIDGE R/R, Wallinger

Result: Fisher, Clegg, Etheridge, Wallinger (58) 5-1 (29-19)

2 changes Max for Ryan B and Jye in as R/R.

Ryan away and clear, Jye was in 2nd until bend 3 when Max hammered under him and spooked him into a standstill almost. Jye then did some Billy Smarts Circus stuff bouncing off every air panel but held on to 3rd.
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Heat 09
E Riss, M Riss, Wethers, Rutherford

Result: E.Riss, M.Riss, Wethers, Rutherford (56.8) 5-1 (34-20)

Wee Egon turned back the years and looked like that U21 rider we used to know. Rutherford stalled the bike at the back start of lap 1 - Mark held 2nd without breaking a sweat.
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Heat 10
Masters, Fisher, Ostergaard, Etheridge

Result: Masters, Fisher, Ostergaard, Etheridge (57.6) 5-1 (39-21)

Pretty much sorted out by first bend with Sam doing wheelies by bend 4. Ostergaard doing his Stig impression - totally anonymous.
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Heat 11

Result: Wolbert, Cook, Blacklock, Wallinger (56.1) 4-4 (43-25)

2 changes Ryan B for Max and Wallinger is the R/R with Cookie on a TR

Kevin raced from the gate like he had keith vaz up his jacksy. Cookie chased but blew his engine on lap 2 but still nursed it home ahead of the reserves.
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Heat 12
E Riss, CLEGG RES, Ostergaard, Rutherford

Result: Riss, Ostergaard, Clegg, Rutherford (57.8) 4-2 (47-27)

Max for Ryan B

Egon just nosing it from the gate but tanked into bend 3 and led from there. Clegg never nearer than 3rd.
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Heat 13
Masters, W├Âlbert, Cook, Wethers

Result: Masters, Cook, Wolbert, Wethers (56.3) 4-2 (51-29)

Really outstanding race, Sam and Kevin gated on Cook but Cookie powered past Kevin bend 1 lap 2 and Chased Sam hard. Both then that wide into the dirt they took out two wee lads playing in it they were that wide. Sam held on well. Wethers was involved with a red flag but i didn't seen him on a bike lol
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Heat 14
M Riss, Clegg, Etheridge, Wallinger

Result: Riss, Clegg, Etheridge, Wallinger (58.4) 5-1 (56-30)

Sparky impressive from the outside. max wound it on to safely secure 2nd by bend 3. Wallinger resembled Wilander and should be given a racket . Etheridge looks better than he's ever been - must be on the pull!!!
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Heat 15
M.Riss, Wolbert, Ostergaard, Cook

Result: Wolbert, Cook, Ostergaard, M.Riss (56.2) 3-3 (59-33)

Edinburgh off 2/4

Kevin again first from the tapes and Cookie chasing hard but who overcooked it (sorry) on bend 1 lap 2 and lost ground but got close again by the end. Mark last into bend 2 and that'w where he stayed. Cook thoroughly entertaining for his points tonight - welcome anytime.
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