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EDINBURGH 'Border Roofing' MONARCHS...38

1. Steve Worrall (G) 2,6,2,3,FX = 13
2. Ryan Fisher R/R (KW-1+1, MR-1, ER-3, KW-0 = 5+1)
3. Erik Riss 1,0,3,3,2,1 = 10
4. Mark Riss 0,2,1,1,2 = 6
5. Kevin Wolbert (c) 1┬╣,3,1,2,0 = 7+1
6. Kev Whelan (G) FX,FX,0 = 0
7. Ben Basford (G) 1,0,0,0,0,1┬╣ = 2+1

GLASGOW 'Allied Vehicles' TIGERS...55

1. Richie Worrall 3,3,3,1┬╣,2' = 12+2
2. Nike Lunna 0,1,2,1 = 4
3. Aaron Summers (c) 3,2┬╣,3,3,3 = 14+1
4. Rene Bach 2┬╣,3,1,3 = 9+1
5. Richard Lawson 2,2,2,2 = 8
6. Chris Widman (G) 2┬╣,0,0,1 = 3+1
7. Danny Ayres 3,1┬╣,1┬╣,F = 5+2

Gate Wins: A:1 B:5 C:5 D:4

Trackside Updater: Midnight_Lady

Chatzone Updater: Tintin

Referee: Jim McGregor

Start Time: 7.30pm

Weather: Chilly but clear.

Track: Looks fine.

Gates: Monarchs take 1/3 in Heat 1.

Monarch of the Match:
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Heat 01
Worrall, Wolbert, Worrall, Lunna

Result: R Worrall, S Worrall, Wolbert, Lunna (55.1) 3-3 (3-3)

Mr Wolbert takes the r/r in Heat 1.

Richie fast from the gate with Stevie chasing him hard.
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Heat 02
Whelan, Basford, Widman, Ayres

Result: Ayres, Widman, Basford, Whelan (F/x) (Awd) 1-5 (4-8)

Ayres miles in front. Whelen falls on lap 1 bend 2, remounts and then proceeds to fall in the exact same spot on the next lap. Race awarded.
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Heat 03
E Riss, M Riss, Summers, Bach

Result: Summers, Bach, E Riss, M Riss (55.2) 1-5 (5-13)

Erik from the start but Aaron went under him with a hard but fair move on the third bend of lap 1 pushing him wide allowing Rene through into second. "Tigers hurting after last night and going all out" says ML.

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Heat 04
W├Âlbert, Basford, Lawson, Ayres

Result: Wolbert, Lawson, Ayres, Basford (56) 3-3 (8-16)

Tigers gated but Kevin passed them both down the back straight of the opening lap and won by the "proverbial mile"
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Heat 05
E Riss, M Riss, R Worrall, Lunna

Result: Worrall, M Riss, Lunna, E Riss (55.8) 2-4 (10-20)

Tigers gated but Mark split them on the back straight and chased after Richie hard. Erik was close to Nike at the end but it was a case of "too little too late" says ML.
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Heat 06
S WORRALL, M Riss, Lawson, Widman

Result: WORRALL, Lawson, M Riss, Widman (55.5) 7-2 (17-22)

Stevie on a TR, Mark the r/r.

Richard gated but Stevie was ahead as they exited the second bend and thats how it stayed.
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Heat 07
W├Âlbert, Whelan, Summers, Bach

Result: Bach, Summers, Wolbert, Whelan (F/x) (56.3) 1-5 (18-27)

Rerun without Mr Whelan who falls on the first lap and is excluded. Rene had made a "rocket" start with Kevin in second.

Rerun and Tigers surge from the gate for an easy win.
ML says its not a fair contest as Tigers are gating like "rockets".
Either that or Monarchs gating "sucks"

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Heat 08
E Riss, Basford, Lunna, Ayres

Result: E Riss, Lunna, Ayres, Basford (57.4) 3-3 (21-30)

Erik takes the r/r ride.

Monarchs outgated again but Erik gets to the front following an outside swoop along the back straight. Danny had a huge "wobble" on bend 4 lap 1 but stayed on to collect third.
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Heat 09
E Riss, M Riss, Lawson, Widman

Result: E Riss, Lawson, M Riss, Widman (56.5) 4-2 (25-32)

Erik makes the gate ("Wooooo" says ML)
Mark chased Richard hard and "nearly lost it" on bend 4 of the last lap.
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Heat 10
S Worrall, Whelan, Summers, Bach

Result: Summers, Worrall, Bach, Whelan (56.1) 2-4 (27-36)

Whelan the sacrificial lamb in Heat 10 as r/r.

Aaron gets away with a "massive flyer" according to ML.
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Heat 11
W├Âlbert, Basford, R Worrall, Lunna

Result: Worrall, Wolbert, Lunna, Basford (56.5) 2-4 (29-40)

Race of the night so far. Richie from the gate with Kevin chasing hard. Kevin passes Richie on bend 4 lap 2 only for Richie to retake the lead down the back straight of lap 3.
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Heat 12
E Riss, Basford, Summers, Widman

Result: Summers, Riss, Wildman, Basford (56.3) 2-4 (31-44)

Aaron rockets from the gate again and wins with ease. Basford tried hard to find a way past Widman.
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Heat 13
S Worrall, W├Âlbert, R Worrall, Lawson

Result: S Worrall, Lawson, R Worrall, Wolbert (57) 3-3 (34-47)

Richard from the gate until Stevie passed him at the start of the third lap.
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Heat 14
M Riss, Whelan, Bach, Ayres

Result: Bach, Riss, Basford, Ayres (Fell) (56.8) 3-3 (37-50)

Tigers gated again but Mark got through to second on the fourth bend of lap 1. Danny Ayres then had a "big off" on the first/second bends of lap 2. To his credit he jumped up and cleared the track very quickly.
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Heat 15
E Riss, Worrall, Worrall, Summers

Result: Summers, R Worrall, E Riss, S Worrall (F/x) (56.9) 1-5 (38-55)

Tigers take 2/4.

Heat 15 stopped after an incident on the first lap.
According to ML Richie dumped Stevie into the fence on the 3rd/4th bends of Lap 1.
The ref then "plays a blinder" and excludes Stevie. "Shocking" says ML.
(Shock says the updater as the Grand Monarch excludes a Monarch :p )

The "Evil" Worrall wins the rerun says a rather angry ML.
Richie then takes the applause (wrath) of the Monarchs faithful before the Tigers riders head en masse to the third bend to celebrate the victory.

Correction: The Evil Worrall was second...Updater's mistake after being rushed out the stadium!
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