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EDINBURGH 'Parsons Peebles' MONARCHS...48 (88)

1. Ricky Wells (G) 3,2,2,3 = 10
2. Josh Pickering 2ยน,0,FX,1ยน = 3+2
3. Sam Masters (c) 3,3,0,3,2 = 11
4. Mark Riss 2ยน,1,3,1' = 7+2
5. Erik Riss 3,3,3,2ยน,1ยน = 12+2
6. Max Clegg 1,Ex,1,1,2 = 5
7. Mitchell Davey 0,0,0 = 0

IPSWICH '' WITCHES...41 (91)

1. Danny King (c) EF,2,2,TX,0 = 4
2. Cameron Heeps R/R (MC-1, NG-0, RS-3, KN-0 = 4+0)
3. Mason Campton (G) 1,1,1ยน,F,2 = 5+1
4. Kyle Newman 0,2,3,0,3 = 8
5. Rory Schlein 2,3,3,2,FX,3 = 13
6. Nathan Greaves 2ยน,0,1,2ยน,0,F = 5+2
7. Connor Mountain 3,1ยน,1ยน,1 = 6+2

Gate Wins: A:4 B:6 C:5 D:0

Trackside Updater: ML

Chatzone Updater: Dekk

Start time: 7.30pm

Referee: Ronnie Allan

Weather: Dark and cold was nice earlier.

Gates: Ipswich take 1 & 3 after losing toss and Edinburgh will choose gates in heat 15

Monarch of the Match: Erik Riss
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Heat 01
Wells, Pickering, King, CAMPTON R/R

Result: Wells, Pickering, Campton, King (Ret) (56.4) 5-1 (5-1)

Campton R/R.

King jumps the start and is warned.

Rerun - Big 5-1 for the Monarchs with Ricky making the start and Josh edging out King on the first bend. King chased hard but then had ef on 3rd lap whilst still in 3rd place.
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Heat 02
Clegg, Davey, Greaves, Mountain

Result: Mountain, Greaves, Clegg, Davey (57.6) 1-5 (6-6)

Max's turn to trash the tapes - EX goes off 15m

Rerun - Max and Davey swap gates.

Davey makes the gate but is quickly passed by both Witches. Max rode hell for leather and was close at the end.
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Heat 03
Masters, M Riss, Campton, Newman

Result: Masters, Riss, Campton, Newman (55.8) 5-1 (11-7)

Sam away with Mark having a battle with Campton till pulling away lap 2.
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Heat 04
E Riss, Davey, Schlein, Mountain

Result: Riss, Schlein, Mountain, Davey (56) 3-3 (14-10)

Erik away with Mitchell in 3rd but Mountain passed him down the back straight lap 1. Rory kept Erik honest.
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Heat 05
Masters, M Riss, King, GREAVES R/R

Result: Masters, King, Riss, Greaves (56.1) 4-2 (18-12)

Greaves is R/R.

Bedlam on bend 1 with bumping and banging on turn 1 - Credit to the riders for staying on. By 2nd bend it was a 4-2 for the Monarchs and that's how it stayed.
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Heat 06
Wells, Pickering, Schlein, Greaves

Result: Schlein, Wells, Greaves, Pickering (55.8) 2-4 (20-16)

Schlein gets to the front off the bend. Monarchs in 2nd and 3rd till 4th bend when Josh went to visit hospitality and dropped to 4th.
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Heat 07
E Riss, RES DAVEY, Campton, Newman

Result: Riss, Newman, Campton, Davey (56.3) 3-3 (23-19)

Davey replaces Clegg.

Newman made the gate and there followed a hard tussle between him and Erik till Erik pulled away lap 2.
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Heat 08

Result: Schlein, Greaves - 2 Finishers only (57.1) 0-5 (23-24)

3 changes - Max for Mitchell - Schlein is r/r & Greaves replaces Mountain.

Witches gate and Josh riding too hard crashes out bend 3 lap 1. Up and alright but excluded.

Rerun - CONTROVERSY!!!!!!

Schlein leads but slows right up on bend 3 lap 1 leaving Max nowhere to go, Max excluded and gives Schlein a bit of his mind. Crowd not happy with Rory's move.
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Heat 09
Masters, M Riss, Schlein, RES MOUNTAIN

Result: Riss, Schlein, Mountain, Masters (57) 3-3 (26-27)

Mountain replaces Greaves.

Biggest cheer of the night as Schlein warned for jumping the start catching the tapes with his helmet.

Rerun - Schlein takes Sam very wide on bends 1/2 leaving Sam well at the back, Mark wins well.
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Heat 10
Wells, Pickering, Campton, Newman

Result: Newman, Wells, Pickering, Campton (Fell) (57.8) 3-3 (29-30)

Ipswich gated on a 5-1 but Campton fell bend 3 lap 1 - Witches can smell the final now.
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Heat 11
E Riss, Clegg, King, NEWMAN R/R

Result: Riss, King, Clegg, Newman (56.4) 4-2 (33-32)

Newman is R/R.

King gates but Erik blasts round King off bend 2 lap 1.
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Heat 12
Masters, RES CLEGG, Campton, Greaves

Result: Masters, Campton, Clegg, Greaves (58.9) 4-2 (37-34)

Max for Mitchell.

Sam with with Max in 3rd only for Greaves to take Max to the fence bend 3. Max then chases and pushes Greaves into making a mistake and retakes 3rd on the last lap.
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Heat 13
Wells, E Riss, MOUNTAIN, Schlein

Result: Wells, Riss, Mountain, Schlein (F/x) (58.1) 5-1 (42-35)

King jumps again and is excluded and replaced by Mountain.

Race stopped Ricky pushes Schlein wide who falls bend 2 lap 1 and is excluded. Up and walking back to pits - suddenly getting tense.

Rerun - FTG. Has the fat lady sat down?
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Heat 14
M Riss, Clegg, Newman, RES GREAVES

Result: Newman, Clegg, Riss, Greaves (Fell) (58.8) 3-3 (45-38)

Ippo make a mountain out of a molehill with Greaves replacing Mountain.

The inferior Riss ftg but stupidly lifts and lets Newman through. On bend 1 lap 3 Riss heads for the pits and Max goes through . Greaves close to the German before falling bend 3 lap 3.
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Heat 15
Masters, E Riss, Schlein, King

Result: Schlein, Masters, Riss, King (57.3) 3-3 (48-41)

Edinburgh take 2 and 4.

Sam from the gate with the superior Riss in 3rd then Rory sticks Sam in the track shop on bend 4 lap 1 and it's game over.

Well done Ipswich and Goodbye 2017
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