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EDINBURGH 'Parsons Peebles' MONARCHS...52

1. Sam Masters (c) 3,3,3,1,2 = 12
2. Theo Pijper 2ยน,1,2,0 = 5+1
3. Erik Riss 3,3,3,3,FX = 12
4. Max Clegg 1,1,2ยน,2 = 6+1
5. Ricky Wells 3,2,2,3 = 10
6. Josh Pickering 3,0,0,0 = 3
7. Mitchell Davey 2ยน,1,1ยน,0 = 4+2

SCUNTHORPE 'Henderson Insurance' SCORPIONS...40

1. Michael Palm Toft (c) 1,2,1,2,3 = 9
2. Tero Aarnio 0,0,0 = 0
3. Lewis Kerr 2,3,2,4,1 = 12
4. Ryan Douglas FX,1,1ยน,1 = 3+1
5. Josh Auty 2,2,1,0 = 5
6. Carl Wilkinson 1,0,3,3,1ยน,3 = 11+1
7. Ryan MacDonald (G) 0,0,0 = 0

Gate Wins: A:4 B:3 C:3 D:5

Trackside Updater: Chopper

Chatzone Updater: ML

Start time: 7.30 pm

Referee: Phil Griffin

Weather: Nice night, sun behind cloud so a bit cold.

Track: Well watered

Gates: Monarchs win toss and take 1 & 3 (A)

Monarch of the Match: Erik Riss
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Heat 01
Masters, Pijper, Palm Toft, Aarnio

Result: Masters, Pijper, Palm Toft, Aarnio (55,5) 5-1 (5-1)

Sam gated and was gone. MPT was 2nd but slowed for some reason on 2nd bend and went to the back. He then got going and looked quick but only passed his team mate at start of last lap but wasn't far behind Theo.
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Heat 02
Pickering, Davey, Wilkinson, MacDonald

Result: Pickering, Davey, Wilkinson, MacDonald (56.4) 5-1 (10-2)

Even gate but Monarchs pulled clear before 1st turn. MacDonald was well back but all four were stable and solid unlike last week and Theresa May!
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Heat 03
Riss, Clegg, Kerr, Douglas

Result (Re-Run): Riss, Kerr, Clegg, Douglas (F/x) (55.8) 4-2 (14-4)

Race stopped. Douglas down on his own on bend 2 lap 1 and is excluded. Monarchs were away on a 5-1 again. To be rerun with three riders.

Rerun: Kerr got over Max into first lap and that was that despite Max trying the inside for 4 laps but he didn't really get close.
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Heat 04
Wells, Davey, Auty, MacDonald

Result: Wells, Auty, Davey, MacDonald (57) 4-2 (18-6)

FTG but Mitchell all over Josh. Came close a couple of times and nearly pipped him on the line. Ricky miles ahead and slowed on the last lap as well clear of the others.

Tractors out and more water going down.
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Heat 05
Riss, Clegg, Palm Toft, Aarnio

Result: Riss, Palm Toft, Clegg, Aarnio (56.7) 4-2 (22-8)

Max went round the outside of MPT bend 2 lap 1 but Michael returned the compliment rounding Max bend 3 lap 1. Max is trying hard but the inside is not giving any extra. Erik not that far ahead.
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Heat 06
Masters, Pijper, Auty, Wilkinson

Result: Masters, Auty, Pijper, Wilkinson (56.3) 4-2 (26-10)

Monarchs ftg but Auty pushed past Theo who made a small mistake on bend 3 lap 1. Sam miles clear.
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Heat 07
Wells, Pickering, Kerr, Douglas

Result: Kerr, Wells, Douglas, Pickering (56.2) 2-4 (28-14)

Scorpions ftg. Ricky easily past Douglas at start of lap 2 and nearly brought Josh through as well. Josh looked faster but not fast enough to pass. Tried to drive underneath Ryan on bend 3 lap 3 but fell. He remounted to finish.

Tractors out and watering again.
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Heat 08
Pijper, Davey, Aarnio, RES WILKINSON

Result (Re-Run): Wilkinson, Pijper, Davey, Aarnio (57.5) 3-3 (31-17)

Carl Wilkinson replaces Ryan MacDonald.

Race stopped. Aarnio got a flyer and is warned. All4back.

Rerun: FTG.
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Heat 09
Riss, Clegg, Auty, RES MACDONALD

Result: Riss, Clegg, Auty, MacDonald (56.2) 5-1 (36-18)

Ryan MacDonald replaces Carl Wilkinson.

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Heat 10
Masters, Pijper, Kerr, Douglas

Result: Masters, Kerr, Douglas, Pijper (57) 3-3 (39-21)

FTG. Scorpions nearly ran in to each other on 2nd bend and Theo wasn't far away for 4 laps.
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Heat 11
Wells, Pickering, Palm Toft, RES WILKINSON

Result:(Rerun) Wilkinson, Wells, Palm Toft, Pickering (57.7) 2-4 (41-25)

Carl Wilkinson replaces Tero Aarnio.

What a mess! Ref not told of the change so put red lights on but they still managed to start the race and immediately stopped. Ref now officially informed.

Rerun: Ricky pinned MPT to the inside which allowed Wilko to fly by on the outside. Ricky then all over Wilko for 4 laps but just couldn't get past. Close a couple of times but couldn't get nose in front and MPT waiting to pounce behind.

Tractors out and watering again.

A bit of a delay as ref is now on centre green as riders complaining about the sun in their eyes making it difficult to see.
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Heat 12
Riss, Davey, Kerr TR, Wilkinson

Result: Riss, Kerr, Wilkinson, Davey (57.2) 3-5 (44-30)

Lewis Kerr takes the Tactical Ride.

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Heat 13
Masters, Wells, Palm Toft, Auty

Result (Re-Run): Wells, Palm Toft, Masters, Auty (56.7) 4-2 (48-32)

Race stopped. Ricky down. Elbows between him and Josh on way to first corner leaving Ricky no room. All4back. Ricky up and seems okay.

Rerun: Monarchs ftg with Sam clamping MPT allowing Ricky clear. Sam couldn't shake Michael who was working the inside hard and managed to pass at the start of lap 3.
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Heat 14
Clegg, Pickering, Douglas, RES WILKINSON

Result: Wilkinson, Clegg, Douglas, Pickering (58.8) 2-4 (50-36)

Carl Wilkinson replaces Ryan MacDonald.

Scorpions ftg with Josh in third. Monarchs battling each other for 3 laps but never that far from Douglas. Max finally got past Josh at the start of the last lap and made up loads of ground and managed to pip Douglas on the run to the line. Brilliant recovery.
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Heat 15
Riss, Masters, Palm Toft, Kerr

Result (Re-Run): Palm Toft, Masters, Kerr, Riss (F/x) (57) 2-4 (52-40)

Scorpions take 2 & 4.

Race stopped. Erik down 4th bend lap 1 and is excluded. He is up and seems okay. What a first lap. Erik was ahead but MPT went under him down the back straight. Then Sam went between them and all 3 went in to bend 3 together and with Erik on the outside had to give it up and ended in the last air bag. Updater feels Sam may have been a tad hard on his team mate.

Air bag burst so there will be a slight delay.

Sam gated but a good first bend from Michael took him in to the lead and Sam never looked fast enough to catch him.
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