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EDINBURGH 'Parsons Peebles' MONARCHS...47

1. Sam Masters (c) 3,3,3,0,2 = 11
2. Josh Pickering 0,0,3,2ยน = 5+1
3. Erik Riss 2,1,2,3 = 8
4. Max Clegg 0,0,2ยน = 2+1
5. Ricky Wells 2,2,3,2,1ยน = 10+1
6. Mark Riss 0,1ยน,2ยน,1ยน,2ยน,3 = 9+4
7. Mitchell Davey 2,0,0 = 2

SHEFFIELD 'Window Centre' TIGERS...43

1. Richard Lawson (G) 2,3,2,1,3 = 11
2. Josh Bates 1ยน,3,2ยน,1,1ยน = 8+3
3. Todd Kurtz 1,0,1,1,1 = 4
4. Lasse Bjerre R/R (JB-3, KH-3, RB-0, TK-1 = 7+0)
5. Kyle Howarth (c) 3,2,3,3,3,0 = 14
6. Rob Branford 3,1ยน,0,0,0 = 4+1
7. Jack Parkinson-Blackburn 1,1,0,0 = 2

Gate Wins: A:7 B:0 C:4 D:4

Trackside Updater: Seve & Soapy

Chatzone Updater: ML

Referee: Jim McGregor

Start time: 7.30 pm

Weather: Overcast. Started raining at 7.30


Gates: Edinburgh win toss and take 1 & 3

Monarch of the Match: Errr...none!

Rider of the Night: Kyle Howarth
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Heat 01
Masters, Pickering, Lawson, Bates

Result: Masters, Lawson, Bates, Pickering (55.6) 3-3 (3-3)

Pretty much from the gate but Pickering was waiting on the hare and forgot to leave the traps (yes folks it's banter time again). Masters and Lawson tight on bend 2. Date night at Fernandos ;)
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Heat 02
M Riss, Davey, Branford, Parkinson-Blackburn

Result: Branford, Davey, Parkinson-Blackburn, Riss (58) 2-4 (5-7)

Shocking start from Riss. Looks like he has never seen rain before. Davey held on well for second under pressure from JPB.
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Heat 03
E Riss, Clegg, Kurtz, R/R Bates

Result: Bates, Riss, Kurtz, Clegg (57.4) 2-4 (7-11)

Bates takes the R/R.

Monarchs shocking this evening! Both Tigers led from the gate and it took Erik 3 laps to find a way pasta timid Kurtz.
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Heat 04
Wells, Davey, Howarth, Parkinson-Blackburn

Result: Howarth, Wells, Parkinson-Blackburn, Davey (56.8) 2-4 (9-15)

Updater not at all happy with Monarchs "gating" Mitchell fell bend 4 but remounted to complete the race.

Track grading.
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Heat 05
E Riss, Clegg, Lawson, Bates

Result: Lawson, Bates, Riss, Clegg (56.8) 1-5 (10-20)

It's a spot of the Ant and Dec's because we don't know what Richard Lawson that is. Pretty much deja vu as the Sheffield boys gated and went clear. Max almost passed Bates at the end of lap 2 then retired at the back!
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Heat 06
Masters, Pickering, Howarth, Branford

Result: Masters, Howarth, Branford, Pickering (56.4) 3-3 (13-23)

Not much passing this evening and even Dam seems slow according to race times. Pickering had a horrific start and spent four laps getting close to Branford in the straights only to lose ground on the corners.

Apparently there is a German lady on the centre green and her name is Delphine. She has come to see the Riss brothers but they have been posted missing!

Turns out the lady is French not German.
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Heat 07
Wells, M Riss, Kurtz, R/R Howarth

Result: Howarth, Wells, Riss, Kurtz (55.9) 3-3 (16-26)

Howarth takes the R/R.

Rope and stool anyone??!! FTG. Even Ricky struggling to pass.

Reality check evening. We were "expecting" to hit 55 but will be lucky to get to 35.
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Heat 08
Pickering, RES M RISS, Bates, Parkinson-Blackburn

Result: Pickering, Riss, Bates, Parkinson-Blackburn (56.6) 5-1 (21-27)

Mark Riss replaces Davey.

It's obvious Pickering needs an outside gate and clean air in front as he looked super from gate 4. Well strung out thereafter. Already it's too little too late!

First time we have seen real appetite from the Monarchs.
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Heat 09
E Riss, RES M RISS, Howarth, Branford

Result: Howarth, E Riss, M Riss, Branford (56.3) 3-3 (24-30)

Mark Riss replaces Clegg.

FTG. Updater says Howarth averages around 5 at Armadale so just gives an idea as to how ordinary Edinburgh are this evening. (Can you tell he is NOT a happy bunny!)
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Heat 10
Masters, Pickering, Kurtz, R/R Branford

Result: Masters, Pickering, Kurtz, Branford (57.6) 5-1 (29-31)

Branford takes the R/R.

Race stopped. Red lights on as unsatisfactory start. All four back. Updater thinks it was Branford impersonating Sarjeant lol.

Rerun: Best race of the night. Kurtz made a good start but Masters was round him out of bend 2. Then Pickering hunted him down and took the wide line to pass him coming out of bend 4 lap 3. Great effort.
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Heat 11
Wells, RES DAVEY, Lawson, Bates

Result: Wells, Lawson, Bates, Davey (57.4) 3-3 (32-34)

Davey replaces Mark Riss.

Ricky Wells must have thought it was Christmas as he appeared to go before the lights went on but the ref missed it! The rest was totally predictable.
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Heat 12
E Riss, Davey, Kurtz, Branford

Result: E Riss, M Riss, Kurtz, Branford (57.2) 5-1 (37-35)

Great news for Delphine...a German 1, 2. But it wasn't straight forward. Kurtz once again made the gate but thankfully remembered he wasn't that good here ;) It was Erik who rounded him and Mark went under him to show them their own version of Brexit and they went clear thereafter.
Branford pulled some stunning moves at the back but Simon Cowell would say it's a no from me.
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Heat 13
Masters, Wells, Lawson, Howarth

Result: Howarth, Wells, Lawson, Masters (57.3) 2-4 (39-39)

Absolutely horric! Messy second bend and that's where the result was decided. Sam's bike seemed slow.
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Heat 14
Clegg, M Riss, Bjerre R/R, Parkinson-Blackburn

Result: Riss, Clegg, Kurtz, Parkinson-Blackburn (58.2) 5-1 (44-40)

Thank goodness for Todd Kurtz. This was the only gate he needed to make and he didn't!! It was all settled once again coming out of bend 2 lap 1.

Fair play to a decimated Sheffield team who should have been smashed but appeared to want it it a hell of a lot more.
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Heat 15
Masters, Wells, Lawson, Howarth

Result: Lawson, Masters, Wells, Howarth (57.7) 3-3 (47-43)

Sheffield take 1 & 3.

Updater says if Howarth wins this one he is going home and thank goodness he is on holiday when the "real" Tigers come lol

Tape exclusion for Howarth and he goes off 15 m. Masters was very close to Howarth at the gate....maybe pressured him in to going early?

Absolute dross is the comment!
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